Alex Zhavoronkov, Ph.D.

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Alex Zhavoronkov, Ph.D.


Baltimore, MD


Tissue Screening

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Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD. is the CEO and co-founder of Insilico Medicine, Inc a Baltimore-based company utilizing big data analysis and deep learning for aging research and drug discovery. He also heads the International Aging Research Portfolio (AIRP) knowledge management system for aging research and serves as the CSO of the Biogerontology Research Foundation in the UK.

Prior to Insilico Medicine, he co-founded the First Oncology Research and Advisory Center (FORAC), served as the director of ATI Technologies (Nasdaq: AMD) and as the director of GTCBio. He is also the head of research at NeuroG Neuroinformatics, a neuroinformatics company developing algorithms for cost-effective EEG devices to recognize imagined visual images and delay the onset of age-related neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Zhavoronkov holds two bachelor degrees from Queen’s University, a masters in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD in physics and mathematics from the Moscow State University and is the adjunct professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.